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Sweaty DIY Jobs To Do Now When It's Cooler!

I might be a DIY Diva, with emphasis on the Diva, but even I don't enjoy doing sweaty DIY jobs when the weather is hot!




Yes, as a DIY Diva, I love doing DIY. But there are certain jobs that I will put off doing until the weather is cooler. After all, who wants to get hot and sweaty when the temperature is rising in the late 20s or early 30s?

Most women out there, and many men as well, prefer to put sweaty jobs on the back-burner or 'to-do' list during the summer months. It's just no fun putting in ceiling insulation when the sun is beating down on the roof and the temperature in the roof space is well into the 40s.  There are plenty of other DIY jobs that bring out on a sweat during the hotter months of the year and this article looks at jobs you can do now when the temperature is starting to cool down but we haven't yet reached the winter lows.






This has to be one of the worst jobs to do when it's hot, especially when you consider that you are installing a product that might make you itch all over and need to dress up to make sure your body is completely covered. Saving this job until the cooler months is most most definitely one to consider if you plan on installing ceiling insulation to make your home more energy-efficient.

Plus, installing ceiling insulation now will reap benefits when the cold weather hits and you won't have to worry about a spiralling electricity bill when you switch on the heaters. Ceiling insulation keeps the heat inside your home during the cold winter months, meaning you use heaters far less than you would without ceiling insulation.




If there is one thing that I have learned over the years, that is to paint when the weather is cool. Not only does the paint dry too fast in warmer weather, making it difficult to blend in newly painted areas, waiting until winter to do this means you have to keep windows and doors open when you paint, even if you are using low VOC paint.

Painting the interior and exterior of a home will be a less sweaty endeavour during autumn and you won't have to worry about rain if you live in a summer rainfall region.









Sanding, both indoors and outdoors, is another project you will want to put off until the weather cools. Donning a face mask, as we all now know, is not comfortable when the weather is hot, and you should always wear a dust mask when sanding. Another good reason to put off sanding until autumn is to ensure any exterior timber is completely dry before you sand. This means decking, trim, fencing or timber outdoor structures that require maintenance or makeover and includes wooden window frames and doors.

Sanding hardwood interior floors or exterior decking is a labour intensive job that is best kept for cooler weather where you won't be as uncomfortable undertaking the task.



When the garden starts to go into hibernation is the best time to do any exterior work, especially where you need to lug around heavy weights or transport soil or plants from one area to another. The cooler time of the year is also ideal for getting any work done for hardscaping your outdoors, or installing paving slabs or bricks or putting down concrete slabs as a footing for any future building projects.






No one wants to be on the top of a ladder or roof when it's hot outside, so schedule your ongoing maintenance and any repairs you need to do for when the weather starts to cool down. Any exterior work that needs doing can be scheduled for when the weather is dry and not too hot. Keep that in mind.







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