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How to use a Tork Craft Strap Clamp

The Tork Craft Strap Clamp makes it easy to hold glued projects together, such as when making picture frames or boxes.


When you are making picture frames or boxes, it's hard to clamp these pieces when you use glue. You could use masking tape, but it is much easier if you use a strap clamp. We show you how easy it is to use a Tork Craft Strap Clamp to clamp your projects while the glue dries.






1. Before using your strap clamp, turn the Tightening Adjustment to the left (until it no longer turns), so that it is set completely loose for tightening once your project is in place.

2. Place one side strap clamp locking mechanism in open position (facing upwards) in order to pull out the strap to have enough strap to go around your project.

3. Position the corner braces around your project.


4. With the strap clamp locking mechanism in open position (facing upwards), pull through excess strap until taut.

5. Lock the strap clamp in place by pulling the locking mechanism down.

6. Turn the tightening adjustment to the right to pull the strap tight around your project.

GOOD TO KNOW: To release the strap clamp and remove your project, loosen the tightening adjustment, open the strap clamp locking mechanism and remove your project.



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