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Make a Practical Storage Unit for your Entrance Hall

This practical storage unit is ideal for an entrance hall and has a place to hang and store to keep your entrance clear of clutter.


Designed for home | tuis magazine, this stylish and practical storage unit is perfect for keeping your entrance hall clear of clutter. If you have only a small entrance, you can still place the storage unit close to the door.

What is really great about this storage unit is that the backing for the entire cabinet is a door - and you can buy a wide variety of door styles at your local Builders Warehouse to add whatever look you want to the finished unit. All other components are assembled using laminated and PAR pine, and a few other accessories, that you can buy at any Builders store.





You don't need to spend a fortune on a solid wood door, as this unit is indoors and you can quite easily fit a hollow-core door at the back. And for those with a bit more DIY savvy, use a plain, inexpensive hollow-core door and add your own detailing.

Once the unit is assembled and complete, finish off with a paint colour that complements the space. Take your colour inspiration from items already in the entrance hall, such as a rug or painting, or match the colour to the existing colour of your home interior.


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