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Workshop Storage Bins on French Cleats

If you're looking for ways to organise your workshop, make storage bins that are mounted on a French cleat hanging system.


Make the storage boxes with 12mm plywood and install a 22mm pine batten with French cleat system for hanging the storage boxes onto a wall. You can make a single size, or multiple sizes, and the boxes can be fitted with dividers for even more storage.

GOOD TO KNOW: Make basic workshop storage boxes - or use a router or table saw to route a slot to divide the boxes into sections with 3mm Masonite or Plywood.


20 x 94mm pine - French cleat

All pieces 12mm plywood unless otherwise specified:

Small Boxes

45 x 125mm - front

90 x 101mm - back

90 x 165mm - sides

101 x 153mm - base

Medium Boxes

45 x 220mm - front

90 x 196mm - back

90 x 165mm - sides

196 x 153mm - base

Large Boxes

45 x 340mm - front

90 x 316mm - back

90 x 165mm - sides

316 x 153mm - base

Wood glue

32mm Panel pins


Drill plus assorted bits

Table saw

Wall plugs and screws


Quick clamps

Buy everything you need for this project at Builders Warehouse.



1. Measure up and mark at 45mm and then cut a 45-degree angle at the front end of the side sections.

2. Glue all the pieces together and clamp for a couple of hours. 

3. Hammer in a couple of panel pins along each edge.


4. Cut the battens with a French cleat for mounting onto the wall and on the back of the storage boxes. Set the blade at a 45-degree angle, with the fence for a cleat 40mm wide. Glue opposing French cleats onto the back of the boxes.

GOOD TO KNOW: After cutting the 45-degree angle, trim 3mm straight off the sharp angle to prevent any splintering along the edge.

5. Mount the battens on the wall, spacing equally 50mm apart and using a spirit level.


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