Quick Project: Wooden spice rack

Some scraps of pine and an hour to space are all you need to make this decorative spice rack for your kitchen.


Very easy to make, you can use pine offcuts, or buy a narrow length of laminated pine at your local Builders Warehouse, to make this decorative wooden spice rack. And if there's still wood left over, make one for your family or a friend. 

This design is also ideal as shelving for other rooms in the home as well. Make a small storage shelf for a bedroom or bathroom.



Pine offcuts for the front, base, back and support

Wood glue

Brushed chrome handle

Keyhole hangers [2] and screws


Drill / Driver and 5mm drill bit


Tape measure and pencil


1. Cut all the pieces to size and apply wood glue to the sections to be joined. 

3. To ensure a strong bond, clamp together and leave overnight. 

4. Mark the location for mounting the handle to the base.

5. Drill holes through the base.

6. Attach the handle.

And there you have it... a quick and easy wooden spice rack or small shelf.


Apply a light coat of Woodoc Gel Stain in your choice of wood tint and then cover with Woodoc 5 Polywax Sealer.