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Protected by SikaGard-703W

Ready to use, Sika's SikaGard-703W is a liquid, silane/siloxane base impregnation used for waterproofing of building materials against surface waters. After application, the product provides a water-repellent coating.


Sika SikaGard-703W provides a water-repellent finish that is suitable for various substrates and can be coated with a variety of paint finishes. The product is used to provide a protective, water-repellant coating on substrates of concrete, mortar, masonry, brick and stone, and fibre-cement.

The clear treatment does not modify the appearance of the facade but does offer a strong water-repellent capacity that improves resistance to dirt and reduces fungi and lichen growth.

Application of the product is done by means of a low-pressure spray gun, or brush / roller. Once dry, the product can be overcoated with water or solvent-based paint.

Architect Friederich Nel was confident in the application of Sika SikaGard-703W on the exterior walls of the upmarket Tivoli Gardens residential complex in Johannesburg.





As a ready-to-use, water-based product, SikaGard-703W is an easy product to use for exterior surfaces that require additional protection from the elements. Sikagard-703 W is also vapour permeable and provides improved resistance to dirt pick-up and reduces fungal, algal and lichen growth.

After careful removal of shrubs in the immediate vicinity, the walls were sprayed with SikaGard-703W using a low-pressure spray. This quality product has given complete peace of mind to the owners of these beautiful Tuscan style homes.

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