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Cracks... gone with Sikaflex-11FC+

Cracks are inevitable in brick and plaster walls, because these materials are not flexible. Even the slightest ground movement can result in cracks. Sikaflex-11FC+ is a flexible joint sealant that will fill and seal cracks with ease.

While crack filler is ideal for small, hairline cracks, larger and recurring cracks require filling with a flexible joint sealant. Sikaflex-11FC+ is a one part multipurpose product that can be used as an adhesive - and to seal cracks and joints in and around the home both indoors and outdoors.

Sikaflex-11 FC+ is used as a joint sealant for vertical and horizontal joints, soundproofing of pipes between concrete and sheathing, caulking between partitions, seam sealing, sealing in metal and wood construction, for ventilation construction and many more uses. You can find Sikaflex-11FC at your local Builders Warehouse or select hardware stores around the country.


Sikaflex-11FC+ flexible joint sealer

Caulking gun

Paint scraper 

Utility knife

Vacuum cleaner and small dust nozzle






1. Scrape around the crack with a utility knife to remove any loose paint and debris. Use a vacuum cleaner and small dust nozzle to remove remaining dust and debris from the crack.

2. Insert the product cartridge into a caulking gun for easy application. Place the nozzle firmly at the top of the crack and overfill with sealer. By allowing some product to squeeze out of the crack you can be sure that it is properly filled. 

3. Use the paint scraper to even out excess product over the wall for a flush finish. Let this dry for the specified amount of time, preferably overnight.

4. Once dry, apply a universal undercoat before painting.

SikaFlex-11FC+ is the strong, elastic, fast-curing sealant, adhesive and filler for application with a caulking gun. Apply to PVC, concrete, mortar, ceramic, steel and galvanised steel and wood.

Tile and Mirror Mounting

Stick tiles easily to the wall with this ready-to-go adhesive. You can also mount mirror tiles onto walls, doors, or just about any surface in your home.


You can use Sikaflex-11FC+ as a joint sealant and it is easy to apply - no mixing, no fuss.


Give a hard, resilient edge to a wood table by bonding angle iron to the wood.


Fill irritating small gaps in and around the home, whether between wall and door frames, skirtings, floors, cornices, or built-in cupboards.


Use Sikaflex-11FC+ to seal around windows or window sills to prevent water and drafts.