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Repair your roof fast with Sika MultiSeal-ZA tape!

The easiest and quickest way to repair your roof is to use our Sika MultiSeal-ZA tape. A simple band-aid concept for any area of your roof, that will repair holes, cracks or leaks. This self-adhesive sealant tape provides the perfect repair and seal for roofs, gutters, sheet metal, broken roof tiles and on caravans and trailers.


Sika MultiSeal-ZA tape is a self adhesive and tearproof sealing tape that consists of elastoplastic, weatherproof bitumen compound covered by a reinforced aluminium foil - Simply unroll, cut, paste…


Surface must be dust-free, dry, smooth and free of contaminants.

Surfaces that are dusty and/or very porous must be first covered with a bitumen primer ± 250 gr/sqm. At temperatures below +5 °C preheat both Sika MultiSeal and the surface.


Totally waterproof and long-lasting
Resistant to atmospheric agents, including pollutants and UV rays


Tear resistant reinforcement, which avoids tearing and damages of the sheet metal
Highly puncture resistant
Sika MultiSeal membranes special compound immediately seals around nails and waterproofs slits and tears






Easy and fast to apply.
Sika Multi-Seal can be applied either at home or in professional applications
Without the use of torch or particular tools or glues
Few basic tools needed


For definitive or temporary solutions, outside and inside