Practical Shelf Unit or Room Divider

This easy to assemble shelf unit can also double as a room divider, and you can choose your own finished look.


This simple shelf unit is easy to assemble and you can choose your own finishing option. Finish the shelf unit in your choice of wood stain and clear varnish, or tinted varnish, for a stylish room divider that also gives you lots of shelf space to display your favourite decor accessories.

If you need extra storage in a bedroom or dining room, paint the finished shelf in your choice of acrylic paint colour. To create a bold feature you can also add fabric backing to the shelf unit for a colourful finishing touch.

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• A - 3 of 22 x 220 x 2400mm PAR pine or meranti planks cut to:

- [6] 22 x 220 x 1200mm strips

• B - 1 of 22 x 220 x 2400mm PAR pine or meranti plank cut to:

- [6] 22 x 220 x 372mm boards

1 of 3 x 1200 x 1200mm backing board (optional)

Corner brackets, small [30]

16mm and 50mm chipboard screws

4 of 100mm brushed aluminium legs or 50mm castor wheels

Your choice of handles

Paint or varnish to finish


Drill / Driver plus assorted bits

Orbital sander plus 120- and 240-grit sanding pads


Tape measure and pencil

Buy PAR pine and meranti boards, plus all your tools and materials for this project at Builders Warehouse.


GOOD TO KNOW: Before assembly, sand all the cut sections smooth with 120-grit and then 240-grit sanding pads.

1. Take [4] of the 22 x 220 x 1200mm A sections and mark 40mm in from each edge at 400mm and 800mm intervals. Also mark at 11mm on either side of these lines for mounting the shelves. The shelves are positioned between these lines and will be spaced correctly.

2. Flip [2] of the 22 x 220 x 1200mm sections over and repeat. These will form the two middle partitions and the other two will form the sides.

3. Use your drill to secure the corner brackets below the bottom line with 16mm screws.

4. Take the remaining [2] 22 x 220 x 1200mm A sections (top and bottom shelves) and mark 22mm from each end, then mark the positions where the upright partitions will be by using one of the B 22 x 220 x 372mm shelves as a spacer. Work from each end, turning it on its side to mark the 22mm widths. Use a 3mm drill bit to drill three pilot holes in-between each of these positions. Use a countersink bit on all the drilled pilot holes.

5. Using the drawn marks as a guide, position and secure the two middle partitions in position using 50mm screws, as shown below.

6. Place the 22 x 220 x 372mm shelves in position to rest on the corner brackets. These should slot easily in to place, or you can trim or sand to fit.

GOOD TO KNOW: There can be a difference in the thickness of pine boards, so we added 2mm onto the length of our measurements. Should the shelves be too long, trim a little from each of the two middle shelves.

7. Use 16mm screws to fix the shelves in position from underneath.

8. Use 16mm screws to attach legs or castor wheels to the base of the shelf unit.

GOOD TO KNOW: Castor wheels allow you to move the unit around, which is handy if you plan to make this shelf unit for a room divider.

GOOD TO KNOW: Adding handles to your room divider will make it easier to move around. Mark and drill 5mm holes where you want to position the handles.


Fill all visible screw holes with wood filler. Once dry, sand smooth.

Apply your choice of finish to the assembled shelf unit. If you plan of painting the unit, apply wood primer or universal undercoat prior to painting.



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