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Save money when sanding

When investing in a sander the DIY Divas recommend that you have an Orbital sander for large areas, and a Random Orbit sander for fine sanding and finishing. Here's a great way to save money on consumables, such as sanding pads.


Anyone who does a lot of sanding knows that stick-on sanding pads are expensive. If you want to save money on sanding projects, especially if you do a lot of projects, invest in an Orbital sander that allows for fitting loose sanding sheets or sandpaper. The Bosch PSS 200 AC is one example of an Orbital sander that allows you to fit loose sandpaper.

This model has clips for easy changing of sanding sheets, which are not as pricey as stick-on sanding pads. But you can save even more by using regular sandpaper.

A single sheet of sandpaper can be divided into three strips for fitting onto the base of the sander. When you consider that a single sheet of sandpaper costs around R5.00, that's a whopping saving against buying a pack of branded sanding sheets. BTW... Don't skimp by buying cheaper sandpaper as this easily cracks when folded.

Another tip when sanding repeat or large quantity projects... Lock your sander upside down in a clamping workbench. In this way you can use both hands to move the project around on the sandpaper for super smooth edges without too much effort. 


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