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Safe fitting of lights and fans to ceilings

When fitting new lights fixtures, smoke detectors, security alarms or fans to a ceiling, it is safer to use the proper fixings to ensure fittings are secure and won't fall down.


Gypsum board ceilings

When fitting lights fixtures, security alarms, smoke detectors or fans to a ceiling it is safer to use the proper fixings to ensure fittings are secure and won't fall down. For gypsum board ceilings any new light fittings or ceiling fans should be secured to larger beams in the ceiling.

If the holes in the fittings don't line up with any suitable beams, insert your own support beams by inserting a length of 32 x 67mm pine to fit between two existing beams and adjacent to these beams. The new support beam can be secured to the existing beams using steel angle brackets or galvanised support brackets.

In many instances fixtures are supplied with small screws. If this is the case, replace these with longer screws.





Concrete slab ceilings

For concrete slab ceilings you will need to use a drill with hammer function, or a hammer drill. It is important to drill the proper hole diameter for the fittings you will use to mount fixtures.

Use the correct fittings for secure fastening to concrete slabs. Fischer offer a specialist range of fittings for hollow and solid concrete slabs. For hollow slabs the Fischer FHY has a sleeve anchor with internal thread specially for anchoring in pre stressed concrete hollow ceilings. When the screw or hexagon nut is tightened, the cone is pulled into the sleeve and expands it into the cavity.


Important Note: This article applies to fitting new light fixtures or ceiling fans into existing electrical points. Regulations do not allow a homeowner to add new electrical points and a registered electrician must perform this type of work, and supply a compliance certificate for the job done.