Rustic pine or reclaimed wood bookshelf

Make this rustic pine or reclaimed wood bookshelf to the size shown in this project, or adjust the length to fit into a specific space.





The rustic pine or reclaimed wood bookshelf measures 696mm high x 1800mm length, but you can easily adjust the length if you need to fit into a smaller space.





Assembly is quick and easy, and apart from cutting the mitred corners on the columns, all the pieces can be cut to size at your local Builders, cutting down on how many tools are needed for this project. 





Using a biscuit joiner will obviously ensure a very sturdy bookshelf unit, but using wood glue and clamping the sections together may take a bit longer, but will also be strong. Glue the pedestal sections together and also use countersunk screws where possible. These will be invisible once the pieces are assembled.





Woodoc gel stain comes in a variety of tints. If you want to replicate the look of this rustic pine or reclaimed wood bookshelf use Woodoc gel stain in ebony. 





If you want a darker finish, apply two coats of Woodoc gel stain over the pieces.





Once assembled and stained apply three coats of Woodoc 5 (matt),  Woodoc 10 (velvet), or Woodoc 20 (gloss) over the entire project.