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Most popular router bits

When starting out with DIY and using a router you can be overwhelmed with choices for routing bits, so we make it easier to choose the routing bits you will use the most. 


When you're starting out with DIY projects, especially when you're making your own furniture, it's so easy to become overwhelmed with choices. One tool you will definitely want to include in your collection is a router, and we offer some advice on the most popular routing bits you will need.

A router is a power tool that allows you to finish off your projects professionally. It gives you the option to choose from a wide selection of router bits for jointing and edge finishing. For this article we look at profile bits - router bits that allow you to create decorative profiles on edges.

Roundover Routing Bit

A roundover bit is definitely a router bit you will use quite a lot. The roundover bit gives a square edge a rounded profile that softens the edge.

You will use a roundover bit quite a lot when making projects. This bit eliminates the need for sanding sharp edges, and once you apply this profile to edges, these will only need a light sanding to finish off. The roundover bit is available in different sizes to accommodate different wood or board thicknesses. If you work with 12mm to 16mm SupaWood or 19mm to 22mm pine, buy a selection of roundover bits so that you can edge all your projects.

Chamfer Router Bit

The chamfer bit is another router bit you will want to add to your collection. Many projects call for 'chamfering' an edge, which simply means to cut away the sharp corner. Rather than spending time sanding away sharp edges, it's easy to use a chamfer bit to router off the sharp edge at a 45-degree angle.

Cove Routing Bit

The cove routing bit does the opposite of the roundover bit. This bit cuts a curved recess along edges and is a great routing bit to use for decorative projects like making picture frames, making your own cutting boards, etc.

Roman Ogee Router Bit

One of the most popular bits for decorative edging, the Roman ogee bit combines a roundover and cove bit to give an ornate edging to DIY furniture projects. Use the Roman ogee bit to create a decorative profiles on tables, picture frames and more. Install a roman ogee bit in a trim router, plunge router, or table-mounted router to add great looking edges to your furniture projects.

Using Router Bits

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