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Quick Tip: Robertson or Square Hole Screw

Did you know that the Robertson - or square hole - screw makes woodworking easier? Find out how to free up your hands when tackling DIY or woodworking projects.


Originally designed in 1908 to make the cold-forming manufacturing of the bit process easier, and used in assembly line production, Robertson square-hole screws are becoming increasingly popular with woodworkers because the design allows the screw to be held easier - one-handed operation - when tackling DIY or woodworking projects.

The snug fit of the screw onto the square hole bit means you can work at any angle, while the screw stays firmly bedded on the screwdriver bit. That frees up your hands for other important tasks while you work.

GOOD TO KNOW: Make sure you use the correct size of bit for the screw - it should be a snug, tight fit.

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