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Straight Cuts with Kreg Rip-Cut

When you need to cut board or large sheets down to size, you want to make long, straight cuts. An easy way to do this is with the Kreg Rip-Cut and Kreg Accu-Cut saw guides.


Now there is an easy and professional way to cut all your board and sheet products down to size using the Kreg Rip-Cut and Accu-Cut saw guides..

Rip-Cut - Edge-Guided Cutting

The Kreg Rip-Cut has a long, sturdy guide that follows the edge of your sheet, with a long rail that positions your saw. Simply lock in the cutting width you desire and then guide the circular saw to make your cut. As you push the saw forward with your dominant hand, use your other hand to hold the edge guide against the sheet. The guide accurately positions the saw and you can forget about following a cut line.

With the Rip-Cut, you get nice, straight cuts consistently and easily.

TOP TIP: When cutting plywood sheets down to size, cut with the back face of the plywood up and the good face down. This reduces splintering and if you do get any splintering along the edge, it will be on the back face rather than the front.

You will find an informative video below for using the Kreg Rip-Cut.


Benefits of using a Kreg saw guide:

Convert most portable circular saws to a track saw. By using a saw guide, the track guides your saw as your saw rides on top and cutting is almost effortless. All that is required is some downward pressure as you push the saw along. The sled that holds the saw follows the track exactly as you cut, while guide strips under the track hold it in place.

With the Kreg Accu-Cut you get a nice, straight cut and a very clean edge. This is due to the splinter guard on the base of the track that counters chipping from the saw blade. An added benefit of the Accu-Cut sled, is that you can remove it from the Accu-Cut track and install it on any Kreg Rip-Cut.

TOP TIP: Use cutting sheets rigid foam insulation 3 - 4cm thick to support the entire sheet and make cutting plywood a lot easier and safer.

Kreg is a leading brand from Vermont Sales and is available at leading hardware and specialist tool outlets countrywide. Visit their web site for more information.



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