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Repair Damaged or Flaking Concrete

Concrete is a durable and sustainable material that can be used for a wide scope of applications. Rather than have to remove and replace concrete we offer a few tips on how to make repairs to damaged or flaking concrete.





Clean the area

Use a hammer and chisel to remove any loose chips of concrete.

Sweep the area with a stiff bristle broom. The area needs to be free of debris or dirt before any repairs take place.  If you have a high-pressure spray this is ideal for making sure the surface is clean and free from grease. Pressure washing the surface will force up any loose flakes that remain. You can hire a pressure washer for the day from most hire stores or get in touch with a concrete expert company if you don't want to do the job yourself..

Use a soft bristle broom to brush away excess water from the surface where the repairs will take place.  



Prepare for repair

Use foam rubber weatherproofing strips along any expansion joints to prevent these from filling up. These joints need to remain in place to allow for expansion and contraction of the concrete and reduce the incidence of larger cracks.

Use a steel brush to clean out any depressions or chipped areas and layer fill with SikaRep multi-purpose patching and repair mortar. Follow the manufacturer's recommended guidelines for correct application.









Where you need to make repairs to edges, build a form or frame using shutterply (commercial grade plywood). Use heavy objects such as bricks to hold the form in place. The form will hold the concrete in place while the mix cures and also act a guide for smoothing the top of the concrete.



Sika have a wide range of concrete repair products that can be used for various repair and refinishing projects in and around the home. It is important to read the instructions, or visit the Sika website for guidelines for successful application and a lasting repair project.

Sika also offer a range of additives and bonding agents that improve the properties of concrete projects. You will find Sika products at your local Builders Warehouse.