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Quick Tip: Remove White Stains or Rings from Wood Furniture

White stains on wood furniture are unsightly and spoil a treasured piece, but you can remove white stains or rings if you use the proper products.


There are plenty of claims out there on the Internet for household products that will remove white stains or white rings from wood furniture. However, few of these actually work and you will find a video here that is done by a furniture refinishing company that shows how ineffective many of these methods are.

What causes White Stains or White Rings?

Water and heat are the main causes of white stains or rings on your wood furniture. These stains are caused by moisture trapped underneath the finish, whether wax or varnish, and this affects the actual finish. To remove these blemishes you need to affect the finish to release the trapped moisture.  . 

If you are thinking about trying mayonnaise, salt, vinegar, or even toothpaste - don't waste your time. While the application of an oily substance, such as olive oil or mayonnaise - and leaving this overnight - may help the problem, the finish must be porous enough to allow the oil to penetrate to achieve any effect. The same re-finishing company mentioned above offers two tried and test alternatives for removing white stains or white rings from wood furniture, and we discuss these below.





1. Professional Approach for Removing White Stains or Rings

Any carpenter, woodworker or furniture restorer will obviously prefer to take the professional approach for removing white stains or white rings on pieces of furniture. This method is easily achieved using a product such as Howard Restor-A-Finish. At a price of around R260, and available in a selection of wood tints, Howard Restor-A-Finish removes blemishes with ease and leaves a professional finish to wood furniture. 

2. Do-It-Yourself Approach for Removing White Stains or Rings

Since the main priority when removing white stains or white rings from furniture is to release moisture trapped underneath the lacquer or varnish coating, you can easily achieve this by using a warm iron. Simply place a clean, soft towel over the stained area and press down with a warm iron.

 If this doesn't remove the stains the first time, repeat the process until stains are gone. Simple and effective, the heat from the iron removes blemishes without damaging the surface of the wood furniture.

If you find that this method does not work for you, you still have the option of using Howard Restor-A-Finish to remove white stains and white rings.



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