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Quick Tip: Remove labels easily

Every home should have a can of WD-40 and I think I just found another use to add to the over 2000 uses. You can use WD-40 to remove labels from wood without affecting the finish. You can also use it to remove sticky labels from other items as well.






Sticky labels on pieces of wood are annoying and difficult to remove. I just discovered that a spray with WD-40 makes it so easy to peel off the labels, and it won't affect any stain or paint that you apply to the finish later on.

Simply spray around the label with WD-40 and allow about a minute for the solution to flood the area. Then, lift up a corner of the label and slowly peel off. Any remaining glue goo can be wiped away with a cloth sprayed with a dab of WD-40. Let the wood dry and then continue with your project.

When I used glass food jars for recycled projects, not all labels come off easily after being soaked in soapy water. Some are stuck on and are difficult to remove. Even after peeling off the label a sticky residue is left behind.

If you spray the sticky residue with WD-40 it makes it easier to remove.

Leave on for about 10 seconds and then rub with steel wool. Soak in hot, soapy water and rub with a kitchen scouring sponge and dry. Your glass jars are now squeaky clean and ready to use.


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