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Quick Fix: Repair Adjustable Corner Clamp

Having just experienced this fault I'm sharing a tip for a quick fix to repair a Tork Craft Adjustable Corner Clamp.


I use my Tork Craft adjustable corner clamp on a regular basis, both when I am making picture frames, and for the guys and gals to use at our DIY Divas workshops, Recently, on one of my adjustable corner clamps the locking mechanism came loose, which resulted in being unable to turn and lock the clamp in place.

Despite my initial panic that I might have to replace the clamp, I discovered a very easy solution to fix the problem. The fault is due to the fact that the screw that holds the tip of the locking mechanism in the sliding clamp has come lose, and it is an easy fix to sort this out.






1. Turn the clamp assembly over so that you can remove the metal plate that covers where the locking mechanism fits into the sliding clamp head. With the cover removed you can re-insert the tip of the locking mechanism into the sliding clamp head (see below). Once the tip of the locking mechanism is in place, re-tighten the screw that holds it in position.

2. Before replacing the steel cover, check that the locking mechanism turns easily or adjust the screw that holds the tip in place. If it is too tight it won't allow easy movement. 



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