Pullout crates to contain clutter

Here's a clever way to use the storage crates we made to set up a pullout storage system that can be used to store items and contain clutter almost anywhere in a home.



We have featured several way to use - and make - crates for storage for a home with the easy rolling bathroom storage and the crate storage unit for a bathroom or bedroom. Then I popped on to fix this build that and immediately loved how Brad turned crates into a pullout storage system that can be fitted into any space for a space-saving way to corral clutter.

For metric instructions and local supplies, follow our instructions for making your own storage crates and mount the crates on the wall in the same way.

To secure the crates onto the wall, mount pine uprights to the wall using wall plugs and screws. Onto these you then secure the ball-bearing sliders, making sure they are the correct distance apart to allow easy sliding out of the crates. Each crate has a drawer slider mounted at the top and bottom of one side.

For easy instructions for mounting the sliders onto the crates, click here for Brad's instructions. Remember that you can convert Imperial to Metric by multiplying by 2.54.