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Quick Tip: Save on sanding

Whether you're sanding a small area or large projects, here's a way to save time and money when sanding.

Sanding can be a time consuming - and expensive - process, and probably the least enjoyed part of any project. You can speed up the project and save money by investing in the right sander.

The Bosch PSS 200 AC Orbital Sander is value for money when compared to other sanders of the same quality. But what set's this sander apart is the ability to use regular sandpaper for all your sanding projects.

When you're sanding a project with large surface areas and need to remove layers of paint or varnish, or repair a damaged finish, sanding can quickly become expensive. Branded sanding sheets in packs cost in the region of R80/pack and when you end up using more than 2 packs, which is the case with most projects, it can be a pricey project.





If you use sandpaper sheets - that cost around R10 per sheet, and out of which you get 3 sanding strips - the cost of sanding works out far less. Plus, sandpaper is available in far more grits than sanding sheets. Note that it is important that you buy quality sandpaper that won't crack when folded. When you're buying sandpaper sheets, bend the sheets to make sure they don't crack.

GOOD TO KNOW: When removing layers of paint, start with 60- or 80-grit sandpaper and then use 120-grit, before finishing off with 180- or 240-grit. It might seem like more work, but sanding in this way will reduce the amount of time spent sanding.


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