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Precision Woodworking And Carpentry With Festool Range Of Tools

When you are making custom furniture to order or for yourself, you need to use the best tools money can buy and it's no secret that the Festool range of tools is just that.




There are literally hundreds of different brands when it comes to power tools but there are only a few known brands that can claim to be the 'best of the best'. The Festool range of power tools has gained international acclaim for their reliability, accuracy, ease of use and for design innovation and this is just a few of the reasons why professional woodworkers, carpenters and anyone using power tools to make their living believe Festool to be one of leading brands when it comes to power tools.



We take a look at a woodworker who spends all his time designing and creating custom furniture. Keith Johnson Custom Woodworking is a company that specialises in creating pieces that you can't buy anywhere else, pieces that fit perfectly into any home. KJ Woodworking doesn't offer mass-produced furniture that you can buy at any furniture store and it most certainly doesn't come cheap. But that's what you expect when wanting custom furniture that is one of a kind. For more information on Keith Johnson Custom Woodworking, his website






Keith's is a woodworking company that designs and builds one project at a time with high quality materials. Time is money and in this case, time can cost money, since the more time he spends on projects the fewer customers and reduced demand he will have if his prices are inflated to cover extended manufacturing times. That's why KJ Woodworking uses Festool as part of his tool range, and why you will see him using various Festool tools in the videos included on this page, particularly a Festool Circular Saw, Festool Router, Festool Sanders and other tools in the Festool range. FYI... Keith also uses Kreg Pocket-Hole joinery kits for joinery projects and Bessey clamps. All of these quality tools are part of the Vermont Sales stable.

In the first clip below, see how Keith uses a Festool Domino Jointer to make a laptop stand.



For more information on the Festool range of tools, get in touch with Vermont Sales at or visit a Festool retailer close to you. 






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