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Workshop Storage Ideas

When you spend a lot of time in your workshop - small or large - you want it to be as organised as possible. We offer a selection of nifty storage ideas for an organised workshop.


Tool accessories and consumables can soon become a disorganised mess, where it's almost impossible to find what you need. This clever storage idea makes use of recycled or old lids, pie dishes and container tops, foil containers and the like to make easily accessible storage for sandpaper, sanding disks, cutting disks and other items that usually get left lying around or hard to find.

Simply cut lids, pie dishes or containers in half and screw them to a piece of plywood, or the side or door of a cabinet.

Another great storage idea that won't cost a cent is to recycle plastic containers - plastic milk bottles are great - into practical storage for small items such as nuts and bolts, screws and nails. Remove the top section of the plastic container with a craft knife or scissors and then add a label so you know what's what.

In a small workshop, use recycled small plastic food jars to corral your accessories. These jars can be mounted to the side of a cabinet, or secured underneath a shelf to allow you to see what's inside and have easy access.

Yoghurt containers or muffin tins mounted under a shelf allow you to contain a wide selection of small accessories. Secure the containers to the underside of a shelf with a nut and bolt that allows you to swivel the container easily for access to what you need when you need it. This practical storage idea will keep your worktops clutter free and organised.

Long items aren't easy to store if they can't be stored upright. Where this is the case, use PVC plumbing pipes to make a hanging shelf mounted to wooden rafters to allow you to put these items out of the way.

You can also use small sections of PVC pipe to create a storage board for items that you use on a regular basis. Use pegboard and hangers to create a storage board. Slip the cut pipe over a long hanger and then insert accessories.

And yet another PVC pipe storage idea for the workshop... cut away a section of the pipe to create hangers that can be mounted on pine planks. Use the hangers to organise large items with hangers, cords, long dowels and clamps, etc.

And finally... a great way to get your drawer organised by using adhesive-backed foam weatherstrips that you will find at your local Builders, and 3mm strips of plywood. Secure two rows of adhesive foam around the inside of the drawer (top and bottom). Cut the plywood strips slightly shorter than the width of the drawer and then push these in position. The foam strip holds the dividers firmly in place and the contents of your drawers can be sorted.


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