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Pool noodle hacks for the handyman

Pool noodles can be used for more than just a pool toy. Take a look at how you can use a pool noodle to make your DIY more comfortable.


Grab a couple of pool noodles at Builders Warehouse and make your DIY projects more comfortable. When you're up and down a ladder for an extended period it can be hard on your knees. Cut the pool noodle to lengths to fit over the rungs and make a lengthwise slit to slip them over. Makes ladder work less hard work on your legs and knees!

Another great pool noodle hack that good for stepladders is to cut a pool noodle to fit at the top of a ladder to protect walls and gutters. If you find it difficult to slip the pool noodle onto the ladder, use a couple of zip ties to secure in place.





And still on the topic of ladders, use a couple of pool noodles to slip over a roof rack to protect your car when you need to take a ladder to a job site. Secure the pool noodles with tape or zip ties.

When you have a large painting project on your hands that requires you to use different paintbrush, slip a pool noodle onto the paint tray and cut slots to hold the different brushes you need to use.

When you have to pop into your local Builders for supplies and these don't fit in your car, use a piece of pool noodle to protect your car boot from damage. Cut two strips of pool noodle to fit over the edges of your boot while you transport items in a hurry.

You can also use pool noodles to protect your car inside the garage. Glue strips of pool noodles where you know there is a danger zone for damages to car doors, or at the end of the garage to protect your bumper. It might not be DIY but it makes perfect sense.

In fact, there are many places where you will find a pool noodle useful in the garage. If you find that your boot door sometimes catches on a garage door, pop a pool noodle on to protect your car from damage.

Take the strain out of mowing the lawn by fitting a pool noodle over the handle. It makes the handle far more comfortable to hold and might even make you want to mow the lawn more!

Handy for when the power goes out, or when you need an extra light source; cut a small section of pool noodle and use it as a support for your torch.

After finishing a tiling or painting project you can use a pool noodle to craft a door bumper to protect your hard work. This is also a great idea for protecting walls from bumps and cracks caused by banging doors. Simply slip a cut piece of pool noodle over the edge of the door, or glue a small section onto the wall.

Use a sharp utility knife to cut a lengthwise slit in a pool noodle, or cut specific lengths with a serrated knife or saw.



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