Pine block coasters

I came across this project on BHG and it's a great way to put offcuts to good use. I often have leftover pieces of 69 x 69mm PAR pine and you don't need much to make these pine block coasters.



The easiest way to make your own pine coasters is to use a chop or mitre saw. I invested in a Bosch Compound Mitre Saw because I use it almost every day, but a Skil Saw is a great investment if you plan on doing small projects.





With a mitre saw cutting pine blocks into strips of varying sizes is quick and easy and you get to use up scrap wood.





While it isn't absolutely essential to add mineral oil or butcher block conditioner to your pine strips, it will help to protect them from any moisture spills.





If you plan on using these as coasters it ensure they aren't easily spoiled by spilled liquids. Apply oil or conditioner to the top and sides only, leaving the underside raw.





Pop some self-adhesive silicone bumpers underneath the blocks to finish off.