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Build a Murphy Bed without expensive hardware

A Murphy Bed can be lifted / lowered and stowed away when not in use, but the hardware for a DIY Murphy Bed has to be imported and is expensive and that's why we want to know how to build without the costly hardware.


Named after William Lawrence Murphy, who was the original designed of the bed, Murphy Beds - also known as wall and fold-up beds - offer a space-saving design that allows the beds to be lifted up against the wall when not in use. In recent years, Murphy beds have had a resurgence in popularity due to children moving back in with their parents.



Murphy beds can be designed and fitted with a variety of add-on components such as shelves for storage or even a desk to turn a spare bedroom into an office/bedroom space. You can create your own designs around the box frame that accommodates the bed, depending on the room the bed will be in and what extra fittings you need in the space. /30258628734655238/

What allows the Murphy bed to operate with ease is the counterbalanced design combined with a patented hinge system. It is these components that make these beds more expensive, and the heavy weight of the components makes it difficult to ship these for DIY use, although they are available.

Keeping this in mind, we wanted to provide you with alternative options for making a Murphy bed - without having to import the heavy weight and expensive hardware and fittings and below you will find several Murphy bed designs that do not require any special hardware or tools to assemble.








Lazy Susan Bearing

These are hard to come by these days, but if you do a search on Google you will find several suppliers

OR Piano hinge

OR Heavy-duty butt hinge



The first videos in the selection below offer Murphy bed assembly using a couple of Lazy Susan Bearings. If you are unable to find these, skip to the bottom two videos that offer an easy and available alternative.








The video below shows a very rough design of a Murphy Bed style, but this projects lets you build the bed with a piano hinge,  rather than a Lazy Susan Bearing:


Here's another video for assembling a Murphy Bed style, and this one uses heavy-duty butt hinges:





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