Make a Mobile Coffee Table

This mobile coffee table has compact storage for a living room. The basic cube design is easy to assemble and you can stain and seal in your choice of wood tint.



The mobile coffee table is made using 19mm laminated pine shelving 455mm wide and 1800mm long. You can have this cut to size at Builders Warehouse, or cut it yourself.

8 of 450 x 450mm - top / base

8 of 450 x 290mm - sides

8 of 44 x 417mm - cleats

40mm screws [8]

Masking tape

Wood glue

Caster wheels [4]


Drill / Driver plus assorted bits

Table saw or mitre saw

Tape measure and pencil

OPTIONAL: Kreg Pockethole Jig


1. The design for the mobile coffee table features mitred corners. You will need to cut these on a table saw or mitre saw.

2. On the back of the sections for each box, place strips of masking tape along the joins. This will hold everything together once the glue is applied and left to dry. 

3. Apply wood glue along the mitred edge.

GOOD TO KNOW: A strip of masking tape along the edge will protect the wood from spoilage by wood glue.

4. Use a tape measure to check the diagonals for all your assembled boxes. All corners should be the same and you can adjust before the glue dries. Let the glue dry overnight.

5. To ensure a strong joint, hammer in a few angled panel pins along the joint. These can be covered up with a small amount of wood filler.


6. Cleats are used to join the individual boxes together. Glue - or use pocketholes - to secure a cleat at the top and bottom (back) of each box.


Sand all the boxes smooth and wipe clean before applying a stain or tinted interior sealer in your choice of wood tint. If staining, finish with antique wax or apply matt, satin or gloss interior sealer.

Place the four boxes together at the backs and use 40mm screws through the cleats to join the boxes together to make the coffee table.

Attach castor wheels to the base to complete your mobile coffee table.