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How to change mitre saw blade

When you notice that your mitre saw blade is chipping or ripping along the cut edge, or that the edge is burnt, it's an indication that you need to change the mitre saw blade. Here's how to change the blade on a mitre saw.


When you're using your mitre saw and your cut edges are not clean and sharp, perhaps the wood is ripped or the blade burns the edge when cutting, it's an indication that you need to change the cutting blade.

Changing a mitre saw blade is not a difficult task, but if you haven't done it before it can be confusing, and you will see why in the step-by-step below.

1. To be able to remove the blade you first need to lift up blade guard and loosen the screw that holds the mounting in place. Don't remove the screw, just loosen enough to be able to lift up the section that covers where you need to work on the blade.

2. Press down on the blade locking pin so that the blade itself is locked in place. Manual rotate the blade a couple of times until you feel the blade is locked.

3. Using a suitably sized allen key, insert this into the bolt and turn in a clockwise direction. This may need quite a bit of force to be applied, depending on how tightly it was previously fastened. You can work at the front of the tool, although some find it easier to stand at the back of the saw to release the bolt.





4. Now you can unscrew the bolt from the saw blade.

5. After removing the bolt you still need to remove the flange that sits directly on top (in from) of the blade. If it is firmly stuck in place after a long period of unuse, spray with WD-40 to loosen.

6. Once the bolt and flange is removed, you can lift the blade off the spindle.

7. Now you're ready to fit the new blade in reverse order for removing the blade above. Make sure the new blade is fitted properly on the spindle and then fit the flange and then the bolt - tightening in an anti-clockwise direction.  

If you are still unsure about the proper procedure for changing the blade on your mitre saw, you may find this video helpful.


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