DIY Compact Coffee Table

This compact coffee table is also a magazine rack and it takes up very little space, making it ideal for a small apartment or townhouse.



Laminated pine shelving or 16/18mm plywood, cut to sizes:

 - 2 of 300 x 300mm - top and base

- 1 of 300 x 900mm* - vertical panel

*Adjust according to the height of your sofa

- 1 of 200 x 300mm - rack

- 1 of 300 x 50mm - slat

4 of Steel 'L' brackets and 16mm screws

Wood glue

Wood filler

4 x 50mm screws


Jigsaw, table saw or mitre saw

Drill/Driver plus assorted bits

Orbital or multi sander plus 120- and 240-grit sanding pads


Tape measure and pencil

Buy everything you need at Builders Warehouse.



11. Sand all the pieces before assembly. If you are going to be staining the piece, do this before you join all the pieces together.

2. Secure the vertical panel to the base. Drill countersunk pilot holes before securing with wood glue and [4] 50mm screws along the width of the panel.

3. Use 'L' brackets and 16mm screws to secure the top to the vertical panel.

4. Join the rack and slat with wood glue for the magazine section. Clamp this overnight.

5. Attach the magazine section to the vertical panel with wood glue and 50mm screws. Use clamps to hold the piece in place to make it easier to drill pilot holes.