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Maintain timber garage door

Timber garage doors look beautiful, but they do need regular maintenance to keep them looking so good. We offer tips on maintaining a timber garage door and adding curb appeal.


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Regular maintenance of exterior timber, particularly garage doors, is necessary to ensure the timber is protected from the elements. If left unattended, timber becomes dull and lifeless and is more susceptible to bowing, warping and rot. All you need is a weekend to get stuck in and ensure your garage door not only looks good, but also lasts longer.


Woodoc Exterior Sealer

Woodoc Wood Reviver - for damaged wood

Woodoc steel wool

Mineral turpentine


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Wood that is weather-damaged

Where wood has blackened, apply Woodoc Wood Reviver to bring back to life. Remove any fittings (or cover with petroleum jelly or grease) and rub down with steel wool to remove the damaged finish. Where the existing coating is flaking or peeling, use a scraper to remove and then sand with coarse sandpaper.

After that, use a sanding block and sand down from coarse to find grit - going with the grain of the wood - until smooth. Wipe clean and make sure the wood is dry before continuing. Apply Woodoc Wood Reviver according to the instructions on the container.

Maintenance of Previously Treated Wood

Where wood has previously been sealed with Woodoc you simply need to rub down with Woodoc Steel Wool and mineral turpentine to prepare the surface for re-application. Make sure the surface is clean and dry before applying Woodoc Exterior Sealer in accordance with the recommended instructions.

GOOD TO KNOW: Any wood should be dry before applying sealer. If the wood is wet / damp, the sealer will not dry properly and will remain tacky.

You need to apply [3] coats in total, rubbing down with Woodoc Steel Wool between the first and second coat for maximum absorption and ultimate protection.

GOOD TO KNOW: Tinted sealers (Woodoc 35/Woodoc 55) last longer than their clear equivalents. The transparent iron-oxides in the tinted products provide additional protection against the UV-rays of the sun.