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Maintain a Front Door

As the first feature your guests see when entering the home, your front door requires a bit more care and attention than usual to keep it looking good.


To protect your doors from our harsh climate, regular application of an exterior sealer is essential. During the summer months doors are bombarded by UV rays and soaked by torrential rains. The treatment you apply has to be able to expand and contract as the timber door does, and exterior sealer offers this protection.

Sealer vs. Varnish

Varnish offers an easy way to protect your indoor furniture from scratches, spills and stains. The viscosity (thickness) of varnish is such that is adheres to the surface of the wood, bonding with the surface fibres, to provide maximum protection. However, varnish is not flexible - it does not expand and contract with the natural movement of the wood. This is where sealer takes the lead for protecting outdoor timber such as exterior doors.





Sealer has a runny consistency that allows the product to be soaked deeply into the wood. Sealer manufacturers recommend that three coats be applied, for good reason:

First coat: Absorbed into the cells of the timber to plump and nourish the wood. Once dry, the first coat is sanded back to allow for application of the second coat and to ensure a smooth finish.

Second coat: This continues to be into the cells of the wood and also sits on the surface of the wood to provide an extra level of defence from UV  rays, wind and rain.

Choose the best product for your particular situation. Sherwood Sealer for exterior use is an environmentally friendly sealer with a natural matt finish. This product is recommended for exterior wooden doors and windows, as well as outdoor furniture.

To apply the product sand the surface of wood with 180-grit sandpaper (new wood) or sand with 360-grit sandpaper (previously coated wood in good condition). If the existing coating is not in good condition, strip back and treat with Sherwood Wood Reviver to restore. With these basic steps you will ensure your exterior doors can handle the season ahead.

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