Make a quick and easy shoe organiser

Don't let shoes cause clutter in a closet. This quick and easy shoe organiser can be modified to any length and is perfect for organising all your shoes.


This project is ideal for anyone that owns a Kreg Pockethole Jig and you can buy the Kreg Jig and all the supplies for this project at your local Builders. Make the shoe organiser out of pine, 18mm SupaWood, veneer plywood or your choice of material. You may even already have some scrap pieces that can be used.


2 of 304 x 304mm - sides

2 of 254 x 600mm  - shelf*

4 of 38 x 600mm - shelf edges*

24 of 30mm smooth-shank or pockethole screws

Ponal wood glue

Prominent Select Sheen or Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint


Kreg Pockethole jig

Orbital sander plus 120-grit sandpaper

Tape measure and pencil

*Modify the length by extending these sections as desired.


1. Drill pocket holes along all edges of each of the shelves as shown below.

2. Attach [2] edges to each shelf using wood glue and pockethole screws. Note that the edges are offset: one sits 6mm below
the shelf, the other sits 6mm above - see diagram below.

3. Position the shelves as shown below, making sure that the edges protruding above each shelf are positioned at the front - on the downward sloping side. Attach the shelves to the sides with wood glue and pockethole screws. 

4. Sand the completed assembly and wipe clean before painting.

Use a washable acrylic paint, such as
Prominent Select Sheen on SupaWood.

Use a Wood Primer on any wood products before painting.

Sand the edges smooth and block with either wood filler or wood glue when using Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint.

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