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Kreg screws for all projects

Kreg screws are designed with key feature. They have a flat-bottomed head, engineered with a square drive, have a smooth shank, are case-hardened steel and self-tapping.


Those who use a Kreg Jig know that these tools make it incredibly easy to build with timber and board by allowing you to assemble projects with screws, rather than complicated joints. But did you know that it’s the Kreg screw that makes it all work better, holding your pieces together to create a strong and long-lasting joint. And because Kreg screws are engineered with unique features, they will ensure the best possible results in Kreg pocket-hole joinery.

Square-drive head for easy assembly

Kreg screws have a square-drive head that allows the driver bit to fit snug in the head of the screw. This leaves your hands free to concentrate on joining sections together. With conventional screws, the driver bit can slip, which means it easily slips off the bit and prevents you from driving the screw all the way or even stripping the screw head.





Self-tapping tip

Kreg Screws look slightly different from most other screws at the tip - they are self-tapping. A cut-away allows the tip of the screw to work similar to drilling a pilot hole - boring its own hole as you drive in the screw, without splitting the timber or board.

Smooth shank

Look closely at a Kreg screw and you will see that it doesn’t have threads along its entire length. When driving a Kreg screw into the pocket-hole, the smooth shank of the screw turns freely, allowing the joint to pull the adjoining section tightly.

Flat-bottom head

The flat-bottom head allows the screw to sit perfectly against the ledge at the bottom of the pocket-hole. As the screw cinches down, this directs all the screw’s force straight and pulls the joint together tightly. This doesn't occur with a conventional screw, as the flared shape of the head directs force outward as the screw cinches down, preventing a tight joint, or possibly even split-out the base of the pocket-hole.


An important feature of a Kreg screw that you can’t see just by looking at it is that it is case hardened. This means that Kreg screws have a hard-outer shell that gives them toughness, sharp threads, and a head that doesn’t strip out. And case hardening allows the inner part of the screw to be a bit softer. That’s good, because a softer core prevents the screws from being brittle, which can cause ordinary screws to snap.

With all these features, it’s easy to understand why you should use Kreg screws - to ensure that you get the results you expect every time when you build projects.

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