DIY workshops for kids

This year we are bringing back our DIY Kids workshops. We believe that the next generation should know how to use assorted tools and understand basic techniques, especially when woodwork and craft is no longer offered at schools.



Way back in 2009, the DIY Divas offered a variety of workshops for kids. Then, and now, we believe that kids should discover how to use their hands to make and their imagination to create. Using lightweight, portable power and hand tools - under proper supervision - kids can learn how to make their own furniture and accessories.The workshops are in collaboration with Bosch, Dremel and Skil.





Specifically for kids aged 12 to 18, the DIY Kids workshops are fully supervised and your child will learn how to use a Drill / Driver with various accessories and attachments, a jigsaw, a Kreg pockethole jig, a variety of Dremel tools, and also learn various joining techniques.

All the DIY Kids workshops are 'hands-on' so that the kids will be instructed on the proper (and safe) use of tools. We want the DIY Kids to be comfortable using smaller hand or power tools, and for you to be secure in the knowledge that they know how to use these tools correctly.





Not only informative and educational, the workshops are designed so that the kids have fun at the same time. We have included projects that we know the kids will love, and the workshops will be presented by Janice and Jamie.

For more information on DIY Kids workshop dates and times visit and click on Joburg - West Rand.