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DIY Workshops for Kids and Teens

The DIY Divas will be hosting DIY Workshops for Kids and Teens during the October school holidays. If you have a DIY wunderkind in your family... send them along!


Keep the kids entertained during the school holidays by letting them attend a DIY Workshop that introduces them to the safer side of using power tools for creative projects. We offer an introduction to using power tools (under adult supervision) and guidance on a variety of smaller projects that the kids can do. The DIY Kids Workshop caters for girls and boys aged 10 to 12.

The DIY Teens workshop is designed to introduce teens to a variety of power tools. This workshop will provide knowledge and skills that will come in handy at school, at university, or at home.

Both the DIY Kids and DIY Teens workshops will be done under adult supervision. While the workshops offer theoretical guidance the kids and teens will use age-appropriate tools to make a project to take home with them.


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