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DIY Divas Dremel Workshop

If you enjoy arts and crafts and crafty DIY projects you won't want to miss the Dremel Tools workshop this coming Saturday at DIY Divas in Randpark Ridge.


The Dremel workshop covers a wide range of Dremel Tools, from the Dremel MultiTool or Rotary Tool, up to using the Dremel MotoSaw. This hands-on workshop will show you how to use your own Dremel tool with confidence, or make you want to rush out and buy one!

At the workshop those attending will use a Dremel MultiTool to engrave on a glass jar. You have the option to choose your own design for the jar.

We also show you how to use various attachments for the tools to engrave on stainless steel, wine glasses and various other materials. But more than that, you are given a comprehensive understanding of what these tools can do for you.





You can use the Dremel MultiTool range for so many different types of crafts, including ceramics, pottery, mosaic and hobby projects. But these tools are also ideal for various other DIY projects in and around the home.


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