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How to make a Jigsaw Cutting Station

When using a jigsaw, one thing that many beginner DIY enthusiasts battle with is cutting a straight edge, and this jigsaw cutting station makes cutting straight a breeze.


Cutting a perfectly straight edge with a jigsaw is something that many beginner DIY enthusiasts, and even some more advanced woodworkers battle with. There are many tips you can use to cut a perfectly straight edge, like using a straightedge or ruler as a guide, or you can make your own jigsaw cutting station.



While you can buy cutting stations that help you to cut a variety of different edges, why spend a fortune on these when you can quite easily make your own? To show you how easy it is to make your own jigsaw cutting station, we have included a video below that takes you step-by-step through the process of making a cutting station, and most of these use scrap pieces of wood that you probably already have lying around from previous projects.



Of all the videos I came across, the one below offers the most practical design and is fairly easy to make as a DIY project. Plus the design of this cutting station allows you to cut straight lines and angles with ease.




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