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Difference between Impact Driver and Impact Drill

When you need to do home improvement projects or visit job sites, you have a choice between an Impact Driver or Impact Drill - but how are these tools different?


The difference between an Impact driver and impact drill tends to confuse a lot of people, mainly due to the fact that they both have the word 'impact' in their name. However, that is where the similarity ends and it helps to know the difference between an impact driver and an impact drill - especially since they are not the same.

Cordless power tools are one of the most used power tools for SME and Bakkie Brigade contractors. But these tools are constantly being modified and upgraded as technology allows and it can soon become confusing as to which does what and what tool is best for you. We look at Impact Driver vs. Impact Drill and explain the main differences between the two.





What is an Impact Driver

When compared to an impact drill, an impact driver offers more impact on the 'driving' function, or the torque/turning or rotational power to drive screws. It does not provide impact on the length of the drill bit, as the impact drill would. This allows you to 'drive' screws into dense or tough materials, and these tools are not recommended for drilling tasks.

Another difference between an Impact Driver and an Impact Drill is that an impact driver has an integral head or chuck that accepts hex shank bits of different sizes. These are simply clicked in place in the chuck.







What is an Impact Drill

An impact driver is the cordless tool you may want to invest in if you regularly drill into brick, masonry or concrete. For the home improvement contractor or DIY Handyman planning extensive improvements, the Bosch Blue Impact Drill allows you to upgrade to a more durable motor.

Bosch Impact Drills have a clutch that allows you to up the power the tool for drilling holes in extremely dense or hard materials. The impact function operates at the back end of the drill bit, inside the tool, to drive drill bits into the material.


If you are still confused, take a look at the video below that explain in further detail the main differences between and impact driver and impact drill.




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