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How to Make your Own Furniture

Being able to make your own furniture is not as difficult as it may seem, in fact, making your own furniture is actually quite easy with a few basic skills.


When hosting our DIY Divas Workshops for guys and gals, we receive a lot of enquiries from those wanting to make their own furniture. They want to know if, after attending the Beginners / Intermediate workshop, they will be able to make their own furniture straight away.



At the DIY Divas Beginner / Intermediate workshop we introduce those attending to the three basic tools you need to get started with DIY. These three tools are the Drill / Driver, Jigsaw, and Sander. These are the most used tools when it comes to making your own furniture and we always recommend that you invest in a quality brand such as Bosch, so that you get what you pay for.

Making almost any piece of furniture is easy enough if you break it down. All furniture has a frame, on which the rest of the pieces is built. The frame is the most important part of any piece of furniture, as it gives furniture the strength and stability to ensure the pieces hold up as they should.





At our workshops we discuss how to use tools, what type of screws you need and how to join furniture together using a variety of other tools such as a Pocket-Hole Jig, Biscuit Joiner, using butt or other joints, or even using a Pneumatic Brad Nailer. These are specialist tools that you can add to your collection as you get more involved in all aspects of DIY.

The project we have shown here by Eudes Oliveira shows how you can easily make your own furniture and how a simple piece of furniture like this accent chair, is assembled and upholstered.

This accent chair project is a great way to get started in both DIY and basic upholstery and there's no reason why you cannot make a chair similar to this once you have honed your skills. At  DIY Divas we always recommend that you start with a few small projects and then work your way up to larger projects. Imagine how empowered you will feel after making a chair similar to the one above - and there's no reason why you can't.



Feeling empowered enough to take on making your own accent chair? If you have the basic knowledge and skills and a fair understanding of what's involved, watch the video below to see how Eudes make this accent chair from start to finish. Or sign up for a DIY Divas workshop to understand what is involved. We have venues in Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria and Joburg.




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