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DIY Tip: Make Handy Supports For When Painting, Sealing or Varnishing Projects

When you need to apply paint, sealer or varnish to a project you need to support the workpiece to work all the way around and these handy supports are a nifty idea.





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If you have ever had a workpiece that required painting or where you needed to apply sealer or varnish, you know it can be tricky to do if the piece is not elevated above the work surface. Yes, you can put down newspaper or a drop cloth, but that will only spoil the finish when you go to lift it up.

Making your own supports to hold the workpiece in place while you work is the ideal solution and you will be able to paint the top and sides easily and without worrying about paint runs or drips. To knock up supports for your next project cut [4] blocks of equal size and partially drive a screw into the block. The top of the scew wlll hold the workpiece in place while you work.





If you regularly do painted projects or do a lot of sealing and varnishing, it might be worth your while to invest in a set of 4 Rockler Benchtop Cookies and Rockler Cookie Cones. These lift the workpiece off your worktop to give you easy access. The pointed cones that fit on top of the cookies ensure that the workpiece won't be damaged or spoilt.



The Rockler Benchtop Cookies or Rocklet Cookie cones are both sold in a set of 4 and are just the thing for all your finihing tasks. They take up very little space in a workshop and let you speed up project drying times.

You can purchase the Rockler Benchtop Cookies or Rockler Benchtop Cookie Cones at or online tool suppliers for delivery countrywide. Get onto Google - Shopping and enter Rockler Cookies or Cookie Cones to find your nearest supplier



Benchtop Cookies and Cookie Cones let you apply a finish without worrying about your worktop or having to constantly move the piece around.







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