Quick Tip: Don't let a hammer damage your projects

When you're working with wood and need to hammer in panel pins or nails, here's a quick tip to prevent damage to your projects.


One of my favourite sites to pick up handy tips is brightside.me. They offer tips for cooking, crafting, DIY and more and sometimes there are some really interesting and practical tips. This hammer tip is one of those.

I'm sure there are many out there who has damaged a project when using a hammer to add panel pins or nails - including myself. I often add pine moulding or trim to projects for decoration, and these are fastened on with wood glue and panel pins.

Hit and miss happens when you're using a hammer and small pins, and especially when you're working with a softwood like pine, but this hot glue tip for a hammer really does solve the problem and protects your wood projects. 

Use a hot glue gun to apply hot glue to the head of the hammer. Cover the entire head. 

Now when you hammer in a nail or panel pin, the glue absorbs most of the impact, but still hammers in the nail or panel pin. 



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