Make a Hair Drying Station

This hair drying station incorporates the Gelmar chrome plated hairdryer holder and can be mounted anywhere.


I have a very small dressing table that is squeezed in between two built-in cupboards in my walk-in dressing room and I know there are many of you in the same situation. I manage OK, but it can be awkward when drying my hair, since there's no space for the hairdryer unless I put it on my lap, so I looked around for ideas to make a hair drying station.

I found this hairdryer holder at Gelmar and it looked perfect for what I wanted. The only problem was that it hooks over something and I have nothing to hook it on. The hair drying station that I made can be mounted on the side of a cupboard, or you can mount it directly onto a wall, and it accommodates the hairdryer holder and space for hairbrushes.


Hairdryer holder

Length of pine or offcut, approx. 300mm long x 100mm high

Strip of pine moulding for the edges

50mm pipe clips

Wood glue

Wood filler

Rust-Oleum Ultimate Wood Stain in Ebony and paintbrush

Pack of [2] domed mirror screws


Drill / driver plus assorted bits

Mitre box and saw


Sander plus 180-grit sanding pads


Tape measure and pencil

Spirit level


1. Using my jigsaw, I cut a notch in the board as deep and wide as the top of the hairdryer holder. This allows me to place the hairdryer holder over the top of the board.

2. Cut the pine moulding to fit around the outer edges of the frame. The easiest way is to use a mitre box and saw, since this already has the angle that you need to cut - see below.

3. The cut moulding strips are glued around the edge of the wood, AFTER you have inserted the hairdryer holder in the cut notch.

4. After applying the glue, clamp the assembly and leave overnight.

5. Fill any gaps with wood filler and leave to dry before sanding smooth. 

6. I decided to stain the board with Rust-Oleum Ultimate Wood Stain in Ebony. Follow the instructions on the tin for proper application. This stain goes on very easy with a paintbrush and you wipe off with a rag to allow the wood grain to show through.

7. To hold the hairbrushes I attached [3] 50mm pipe clips using 16mm screws. I painted the white plastic clips with Rust-Oleum Universal Silver Nickel spray paint.

8. For a bit of decoration I glued mirror squares at both ends of the block of wood.

9. To mount on the side of the cupboard you need to drill a hole at both ends of the board. To fasten the hair drying station onto the cupboard I used domed mirror screws (shown below). However, the screws are too long and will go right through the cupboard side, so I included [2] steel washers to reduce the depth of the screws.

10. Now you're ready to mount the hair drying station on a cupboard side or wall.



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