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It's time to go Pneumatic!

South African DIY enthusiasts have yet to discover the power of pneumatic tools. We look at the Aircraft Brad Nailer and Stapler Gun.


Pneumatic tools are popular around the world for a variety of DIY and craft projects. The reason for their popularity is due to their ease of use and their affordability. With Aircraft pneumatic tools priced from R539 and an Aircraft compressor, you can build up an impressive collection of tools that won't cost you a fortune.





With a single compressor your can add to your pneumatic collection of tools: give your made furniture a professional finish with a spray gun attachment, or try your hand at airbrushing or sandblasting. There's also a sanding attachment, an air wrench and a riveter. For all my pneumatic tools I have an AirCraft AS196 compressor.

Use an AirCraft pneumatic stapler for so many projects.

Use a pneumatic brad nailer to attach planks or board to a backing board or drywall.

Use a brad nailer to join together small or decorative DIY projects.

Use a pneumatic stapler for all your upholstery projects.

Use a brad nailer to add trimming, moulding or edging to your DIY projects.

Use a brad nailer to build up decorative layers when mounting skirting boards or window trim.

Use a brad gun to attach decorative edging, aprons and fronts to projects.