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Gloves for all uses, from workshop to garden and more

Gloves are essential for projects in the workshop, such as when handling wood, grinding and cutting. You should also wear gloves when working in the garden. And gloves are a must for racing and riding enthusiasts.


Specialist gloves from shops can cost a fortune, especially big brand names. Tork Craft introduces a comprehensive range of gloves at very affordable prices that can be used when in the workshop or garden, or for motor cycle and bicycle enthusiasts.





For sport enthusiasts, tests done by two-wheelers showed that the Blue Air Mesh and the Red Spandex gloves are on par with anything out there. These gloves have reinforced palms and extra padding. The closures are on the bottom side which makes a lot of sense.

Designed by multiple SA Motocross legend, Ryan Hunt, who certainly knows about good gloves. Comfortable fit and impressive value for money, Tork Craft also offer 'Work' and 'All Purpose' gloves which are great for anything from working in the garden, the workshop, to working on your motorcycle.

Tork Craft is a leading brand of accessories in the Vermont Sales operation and are available at all leading specialist stores countrywide for more information visit


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