Quick and easy footstool

I have been needing a footstool in the family room for quite a while and finally got around to making a quick and easy footstool.







Apart from the legs, which I bought from Gelmar, all the materials used for the footstool were either offcuts or leftovers from previous projects. The base for the footstool is a 500 x 500mm piece of 16mm MDF that was cut into a circle using my jigsaw.



The foam is 100mm thick and was ordered as part of the Outdoor Sofa project. The base was used as a template and the shape cut out with a serrated kitchen knife.





Unfortunately the knife doesn't leave a very neat edge, so I cut this smooth with a sharp craft knife. It doesn't need to be perfect because a layer of batting will be added over the top in the next step.





A strip of batting was cut to fit around the outside of the foam and cover up the edge of the MDF base, as well as a circle for the top of the footstool.





The foam was glued to the base using Pattex No More Nails exterior glue and the side section was stapled to the base to hold in place. The top piece of batting was also glued on top of the foam.





The legs only cost R14.99 each at Gelmar and were fastened to the base using 16mm screws.




If I had to do this project again I would attach the legs after adding the fabric.





To upholster the footstool a strip was cut for around the side of the footstool, plus a circular piece for the top. Allow a 12mm seam allowance around the top and be sure to add 100mm to the side section for joining to the top and for folding under and stapling to the base.





Test fit the fabric before stapling in place to make sure it is nice and tight once fitted. Adjust if necessary.





The fabric is folded under and stapled to the base. The Bosch Tacker is great for small to medium upholstery projects and you can buy online at Tools4Wood.





Place a staple in the fabric at the centre point between the legs and then arrange the fabric - pleat and fold as required - to fit around before stapling neatly to the base.






If I had to do this project again I would attach the legs after adding the fabric.