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How to fit drawer runners

When making a chest of drawers, you're going to need to fit drawer runners. Here's how to fit drawer runners the easy way.


To fit the drawer runners you're going to need a few supplies.


Drawer runner sets (to fit the depth of your cabinet)

Eureka 13mm + 16mm screws

Drill / Driver plus assorted bits

3mm spacers [2]

Tape measure and pencil

Buy all your supplies for fitting drawer runners at your nearest Builders.


1. Secure the drawer runners to the sides of the frame. Measure and mark accurately on both sides to ensure the frames are equally mounted. Attach the drawer runners to the frame with 16mm screws along the length (front - middle - end). Fully extend the drawer runners.

2. Place the drawer in the opening, placing on top of a couple of 3mm spacers.

GOOD TO KNOW: The spacers ensure the drawer doesn't stick once mounted, and the drawer itself should be assembled to allow for the runners on the side (14mm), the 3mm gap at the bottom, and a 1 or 2mm gap at the top.

3. With the drawer in place, adjust the extended drawer runner along the side of the drawer so that the bumper at the front end is flush against the drawer front.

4. Use 13mm screws to secure the extended section of the drawer runner to the drawer side.

5. Pull out the drawer further to secure the runner to the drawer side as far as it will go. You won't be able to pull it all out all the way.

6. In order to secure the end of the back end of the runner, you need to remove the drawer from the opening.

GOOD TO KNOW: Drawer runners are easy to separate - find an easy how-to here.

Now you can insert the drawer back into the drawer runners inside the frame, click in place, and push in and out a few times to ensure that the runners work smoothly.

It really is easy to install drawer runners, and once you have done it the first time, it will be easy for you to make your own cabinets and cupboards with fitted drawers that slide smoothly to open and close.


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