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Quick Tip: Finishing DIY Furniture

When making your own DIY furniture, you really want it to look as perfect as possible. Here's a quick tip that adds a professional finish for furniture projects.


When you look at ready-made furniture, you will notice that the majority of pieces with legs have detailing around the base of the legs. This is commonly referred to as a chamfered finish - to cut away a right-angle for a symmetrical slope along an edge.

There are a variety of tools that can be used to make a chamfered edge, and you can even do a chamfered edge with a sander. But the professional way to chamfer an edge is to use a router.





Set up your router or table router with a 'V' groove router bit. The 'V' groove router bit only removes a small amount of wood or board along the edge to give your legs, slats or work pieces a nice sharp finish.


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