DIY faux fireplace

If your living room is lacking detail or you need to add an eye-catching feature, think faux fireplace.


A fireplace has a way of adding architectural detail to a room and even a non-functional or faux fireplace can add character and be a focal point. We took a look around to find some beautiful examples of a faux fireplace that you can build using locally available materials that can be found at your nearest Builders Warehouse.

This faux fireplace from not only provides a focal point in the living room, it also fills up a blank space between two large windows. Rock cladding gives the firebox and surround a more authentic look, while the steel grate gives the impression of a fire waiting to be lit.

The original fireplace (shown above) was built as a feature wall to house a large, flat screen TV. The wood cladding cleverly disguised all the cables that led down to the bottom to the outlet behind the fake fireplace logs, which was actually a door that could be opened to gain access to the outlet.

Designed by, this faux fireplace is completely portable, so it's ideal for a rental home. It was designed to accommodate an electric fire that looks very realistic.

The faux fireplace is built using a combination of pine and plywood, and finishing with mosaic tile on the front panel to provide the authentic touch.

There are so many online ideas for making a faux fireplace, from a basic frame to wonderfully detailed pieces. With the right tools and materials and a bit of DIY savvy you can quite easily make your own faux fireplace. 

Ana White has some amazing plans on her website, and the faux fireplace is absolutely gorgeous. I just wish these were in metric and not Imperial measurements. If you like what you see, you can always use a  online conversion to modify the measurements and then plan up with SketchUp Make to make sure everything fits together perfectly.