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Easy drilling for Euro hinges

DIY drilling for Euro or concealed hinges is easy with the new Tork Craft CUP1100 Hinge Jig from Vermont Sales.

Drilling exact holes for mounting Euro or concealed hinges on kitchen cabinet and closet doors is now easier than before. This clever jig from Tork Craft is ideal for the DIY enthusiast and makes the drilling of potholes a simple job without the use of expensive equipment.

The kit comes complete with the jig, and instructions on the pack are simple and easy to follow. You will find the Tork Craft CUP1100 Hinge Jig at your local Builders Warehouse or hardware store.

To use, follow the instructions and press down firmly to drill holes easily and without fuss.

Use the Tork Craft TCHB35-2 cutter (not supplied) in conjunction with the jig set to drill holes for mounting Euro or concealed hinges on cabinet doors. The jig is also a template for drilling holes in the sides of cabinets for mounting the hinge base plates when using Euro screws.

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