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Quick Tip: DIY Edge Finder

When you are new to DIY, or are installing shelves in a project, it's easy to drill pilot holes in the wrong place. We show you how to make a nifty jig that makes finding edges easy.


Made from a small block of 16mm SupaWood and two pieces of 3mm hardboard, the jig slips over 16mm board to show where the edge is located - making it easier to know where to drill pilot holes on the outside.

You can use the edge finding jig when mounting shelves on the inside, or to make it easier to know where to drill when adding edge pieces.





To make an edge finder jig, glue two strips of 3mm hardboard onto a 16mm block. We used 16mm thickness, as this is the most popular board thickness used for DIY projects. If you prefer to use pine for your projects, replace the SupaWood block with a pine block, or replace with whatever timber of board you are using for your project.


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